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Services and Repairs Policy and Procedures:

Our priorities are building, servicing and repairing bikes that American Cyclery sells. If it's a bike we sell or sold you — this is our priority.

  • It’s best to bring your bike to our shop on a weekday — Monday through Friday. Weekends are busy and it may take longer to assess your bike, or we may need to follow up with you about the timeline. 

  • We don’t schedule repair appointments on the phone — we need to physically assess the bike. 

  • We can fix flat tires, replace worn-out tires and help with simple adjustments, but most other repairs require dropping off your bike. 

  • Repairs may be delayed due to current availability of parts. Items like tires, chains, innertubes and brake pads are in short supply. 

  • For households with multiple bikes that need repair, we request that you just bring us one at a time. We have limited storage capacity. 

There are some bikes we may not be able to repair based on their quality or condition:

  • We do not work on bikes purchased from department or “big box” stores (i.e: Walmart, Target, Costco, Toys-R-Us, etc.) or unknown brands purchased online at discount. 

  • We do not service bikes with steel rims, beyond tire or tube replacement. 

  • Many suspension bikes are beyond our capacity to fix. Please understand that  special skills and tools are required.

*Assembly of a new bike that was purchased elsewhere may take 2–6 weeks.